follow your sunlight

 Did you know that a sunflower moves throughout the day to face the sun? It is true! A sunflower naturally greets the warm eastern sun at dawn and then slowly turns west as the sun moves across the sky. It desires the warm sun, because the sun is its source of life. I also find it very interesting that if you tie up a sunflower, stopping it from following the sun, it doesn't grow as well.  Shocking? No, not really. Mother Nature seems to know what she is doing.

I believe that humans are a lot like the sunflowers. We all desire to follow the sunlight, our natural paths, or what makes us uniquely happy. I also believe that it is only when we are free to follow the sunshine that we can truly discover and grow into our greatest potential. 

So, the important question is. Are you following your sunlight? Do you know what your sunlight is? What makes you feel happy or energized? Do you follow what makes you feel alive and motivated or are you like the sunflower who is tied up? Do you believe that a "good" sunflower is one who can resist the warmth of the sun? If so, chances are that somewhere along your bumpy road someone didn't trust your sunshine, and you learned not to either. 

Well I am here to shatter those beliefs and assure you that you can trust the things that you love. 

You were born wild and you were born free, and just like the sunflower, it is only when you follow the sunlight, that you will grow into your greatest potential. 

So cut those ropes my friend. Your bright future awaits you.

I'll see you at the horizon, 



Sherry Thomas