Lady and the Sire



Not so long ago we believed that there was one right way to live, and it was the way we were living. This was a very narrow way of thinking and living which we had inherited through our religion. Our religion defined what God wanted for us in almost every facet of our life and we never dared to question it. We thought we were happy. We thought we had peace.

But then one day in an act of bravery and rebellion, we questioned our religion. Slowly we became less dependent upon religious authority and the supernatural and more dependent upon our own rational judgment. With time our foundation of faith crumbled leaving us feeling alone, rejected and completely lost. Disoriented and overwhelmed with grief we had no choice but to move on. Hand in hand and with our three beautiful children we began the intense process of rebuilding a new life together.

It took roughly three years to sort out our life. We spent countless hours walking and talking about our beliefs and determining what we want from life as individuals and as a family. In its most simple form we believe the following:

1. We believe in the literal pursuit of happiness. Happiness is our Northern Star. It is what we want for ourselves and for our children. 

2. We believe love is where the greatest happiness is found.

3. We believe love is fully embracing one's unique self and contributing to mankind in a way that is personally meaningful. 

4. We believe love is respecting and supporting all lifeforms, including plants, animals and humans.

5. We believe that self-love is fundamental to all other forms of love.

6. We believe that children are like seeds, undeveloped but perfectly complete. They need nurturing, protection, and the space and freedom to blossom into their unique selves with gentle guidance when necessary.

7. We believe in discovering truth wherever it is found and in always being open to challenging our beliefs.

We look forward to the new adventures that life has in store for us and we hope that you join us on our journey.







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I am freedom fighter, fiercely determined to help others realize their greatest potential.

You love me or you don't. There is not much in between.

I am crazy about clothes, fitness and food, but

my favorite thing in the world is teaching my children and watching them grow. 

I am happy to be alive and sharing my journey with the people who appreciate me.




I am an artist who never knew that he was an artist.

I finally feel free to be me.

I love to create using all types of mediums, but my favorite so far are music and film.

I am an explorer at heart and never get tired of experiencing new sights and sounds.

I absolutely love playing with my children and seeing them smile and laugh.

I hope to one day travel the world with my family and capture it's beauty with my art.